Exploring the Book of Mormon in America's Heartland

Exploring the Book of Mormon in America's Heartland


From the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, Adam-ondi-Ahman to the City of Enoch; — the “Heartland” of North America has been the setting of sacred and significant events throughout human history.

By means of three hundred photographs, maps, works of art, scripture and commentary; the author introduces a growing body of evidence that suggests the very real possibility of a North American setting for The Book of Mormon. 

Thirty-six scriptural prophecies and promises alternate between descriptions of the ancient Nephite land and a latter-day “Promised Land.” Following that premise, readers will carefully examine statements by the Prophet Joseph Smith regarding his views on Book of Mormon geography.

Newly emerging scientific information strengthens the assertion that large agrarian societies once flourished in North America at precisely the times of Jaredite and Nephite cultures. This research, conducted mostly by non-LDS scientists is revealing a remarkable panorama of culture, achievement and destruction among these ancient peoples.

The research here compiled spans the scope of archaeology, anthropology, architecture, fortifications, trade, religion, metallurgy, DNA, horticulture, transportation–by sea and by land, geographic topologies, building materials, astronomical alignments, mythology and much more.

The #1 Best-Selling book on the subject of Book of Mormon geography, with over 30,000 copies sold!  Author and researcher Rod L. Meldrum created the first 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey of discovery into the exciting new “Heartland Model” geography!  This beautiful and powerful hardcover book has enjoyed huge success and is now in its 6th printing (30,000 copies)! It has been one of the most successful books in bringing people into the church, or helping them come back from inactivity… an amazing missionary tool to build faith and understanding of the restored gospel and its founding document, the Book of Mormon!

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