The Fighting Parson

The Fighting Parson


Willard Bean: The Fighting Parson

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Much has been written about Palmyra, the Sacred Grove, and the Hill Cumorah in the early years of the Church. But what became of those historic sites after the Prophet Joseph Smith and his family left their small farm in upstate New York? The properties fell into the hands of non-Mormons who became increasingly more prejudiced and belligerent towards the Church. 

The Saints were driven out of their New York home in 1831. It wasn?t until June 10, 1907, that Apostle George Albert Smith was able to purchase the farm for the sum of $16,000. Seven years later, he deeded the property to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for $1.00. 

After gaining possession of the farm, the Church authorities were faced with the task of finding a suitable family to occupy it. They needed a man, a fighting man, who could not only farm the land and care for the property but make friends and eventually converts in that hostile community. Those essential qualities were found in Willard Washington Bean. 

The trials and experiences of the following 24 years are noteworthy as well as interesting and inspiring. The experiences that shaped the lives of Willard and his wife, Rebecca Peterson, prior to this call give insight into their growing testimonies and willingness to serve their Heavenly Father. These stories will inspire and uplift and entertain all those who desire to learn more about the early history of the Mormon Church and the trials of the Saints.

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